We are Paradigm.

Paradigm offers modern, intuitive practice management and payment tools to law firms of all shapes and sizes. Our portfolio includes six world-class products in the legal technology industry: PracticePanther, MerusCase, LollyLaw, Bill4Time, ParadigmPayments, and ParadigmAccounting.

We are better together. Bringing these industry-leading solutions under one roof allows Paradigm to quickly test and apply new ideas across the portfolio. We leverage collective wisdom and resources to introduce the right innovation at the right time to better serve lawyers everywhere.

At Paradigm, we are fast-paced, ambitious and unified by a common vision to build the best legal technology products in the world. 

In 2021 and 2022, we were certified as a Great Place to Work!

40,000+ customers

No matter the legal tech challenge—we’re up for it and can help you navigate it.

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6 software solutions

…and growing. We’re always on the hunt for new legal software products to join our family.

100+ employees

Our small, mighty, and growing team spans coast-to-coast offices in New York City, Miami, Seattle, and Oakland.

38+ years of experience

We combine decades of experience and industry knowledge to bring the best solutions to legal professionals.

170 countries

No matter where you are in the world, we ensure you can practice law at the drop of a hat.

1 united team

We come together to embrace and solve the biggest technology challenges the legal industry faces.

When perspectives shift,
possibilities unfold.

Our Roots


Bill4Time is founded


PracticePanther is founded


Bill4Time is acquired

Jan. 2019

Bill4Time & PracticePanther merge to form Paradigm

Sep. 2020

Headnote joins the Paradigm family

Feb. 2022

TrustBooks joins the Paradigm family


MerusCase is founded


Headnote is founded


PracticePanther is acquired

Mar. 2019

MerusCase joins the Paradigm family

Oct. 2021

Paradigm teams with Francisco Partners

Apr. 2022

LollyLaw joins the Paradigm family


Our Roots

Our story began in 2006 when Bill4Time pioneered the first native SaaS solution in the legal technology industry. Led by the guidance of law and consulting firms, this time-tracking technology ushered a better and faster way for lawyers to manage their business. 

Between 2008 and 2012, MerusCase and PracticePanther quickly followed—taking the same SaaS-based model and boosting its power by tenfold. These solutions offer a diversified, full-suite of practice management tools tailored to law firms with specific needs and practice areas.

We spent 2017 to 2019 bringing these three world-class businesses together to form Paradigm. Then in 2020, we acquired Headnote, a new and innovative online payments software built to supercharge both payments and AR processes for all law firms.

We believe all law firms are not created equal and a one-size-fits-all technology approach doesn’t exist. By bringing these four products together, we can quickly experiment with new ideas and share best practices and resources, all with the goal of innovating faster and better serving the legal industry.

Our Values

When uniting four businesses, we took care to evaluate individual principles and ideals, so that we could build a new, cohesive, fresh set of standards.  

We consistently deliver excellence

We consistently deliver excellence

We build show-stopper tools because lawyers don’t deserve anything less.

We act like owners

We act like owners

We are deeply invested and always take action for the collective whole.

We have a bias for action

We have a bias for action

We’re proactive and move at a lightyear pace.

We are passionate about learning and continuous growth

We are passionate about learning and continuous growth

We’re unafraid to experiment because we know it leads to innovative breakthroughs.

We are led by the needs of our customers

We are led by the needs of our customers

We create for the lawyers and legal professionals that use our software every day.

We are optimistic, adaptable, and embrace change

We are optimistic, adaptable, and embrace change

We are excited for the future, and won’t let speed bumps get in our way.

Our Leadership Team

We’re proud to call some of the brightest and best leaders in the legal technology industry our own. Our team strives to bring a dedicated, fresh, and thoughtful touch to everything we do.

Join Our Team

At Paradigm, you don’t just make a small impact on the legal technology industry—you get to sit in the driver’s seat. Learn, grow, and collaborate with a team of passionate, creative professionals.