All-in-one Case Management Software for Immigration Law

Whether you’re reuniting families, naturalizing residents, or bolstering the workforce through EB-3 Visas, LollyLaw is tailor-made to help you run your practice more efficiently.

LollyLaw Dashboard

Meet the easist-to-use case management software for immigration attorneys

No matter what area of immigration law your practice touches, LollyLaw will keep you focused on your clients, not frustrated with details.


Quickly and Accurately Complete Immigration Forms

Filling out immigration forms was once a tedious process — with LollyLaw’s built-in form filling feature, LollyForms, it’s quick and easy. Now you can populate forms with client intake data, and collaborate with clients in real-time to complete USCIS PDF forms.

Save Hours Each Month with Custom Workflows And Document Automation

Never miss a final action or filing date with workflows that generate case-specific tasks, milestones, and forms that will focus your teams around the activities most critical to your clients and your business. Generate your own branded documents in any language and populate them with data directly from a contact or matter.

Build Client Trust Through Precise Project Management

LollyLaw gives you access to features that help you structure, plan, and automate your day, leaving you with plenty of time to attend to your client’s needs. Conveniently schedule reminders for important events for each case, track and share progress in the secure client portal by setting case milestones, and delegate work to staff and clients to manage your cases at every step of the way. Robust reports give you a holistic view across your practice to manage day-to-day operations.

See The LollyLaw Difference

LollyLaw is designed to simplify the complexities that come with running any immigration firm.